Patiala classroom
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Curriculum development and implementation programme for grade I and II children in 477 govt. schools in Patiala District, Punjab and 58 govt.schools in West Khasi and Ri Bhoi District in Meghalaya.

Jodo Gyan is an organisation working to find workable solutions to the problems in classroom practices. Since 1998 we have worked closely with students, teachers, teacher-educators and parents, particularly in mathematics and science education, to introduce innovative methods through which children will understand and enjoy what they are being taught. Conducting workshops, mainly in-service as well as for trainee teachers, designing, producing, procuring and distributing low-cost teaching and learning materials (TLMs) for promoting activity-based education, have all been a part of this endeavour. 

We have set up Maths Labs in many schools and designed Science Discovery Rooms. Presently we are engaged in a programme called Design and Development of Innovative Curriculum for Primary Mathematics in four progressive schools in NCR. This involves curriculum designing, module making, modeling classroom transactions, assessment and evaluation.

We run an experimental school for first-generation learners involving the pre-primary and primary levels in Shakurpur in West Delhi, where we are located. The school follows an integrated project-based approach involving non-graded teaching apart from having innovative methods in mathematics.

We are a non funded, not-for-profit social enterprise. We intend to carry forward our work by establishing linkages with all organizations and individuals concerned with providing quality education to our children to enable them to embark on the path of inquiry-based learning.

Jodo Gyan Brochure (2008)

(updated on 20th Jan 2014)