1. Curriculum intervention with NGOs

Jodo Gyan is working with more than 70 NGOs and few NGO networks as a resource agency. This is a long term engagement within which we continuously engage and mentor few identified resource persons as facilitators in implementing meaningful curricular practices in mathematics.

Currently, we are working in developing and implementing Maths curriculum through regular interactions and field level support:

  • With Wipro Foundation: Since 2017, Jodo Gyan has been engaged with Wipro to support new organizations and fellows who are part of Wipro’s partner network. This program is being implemented through 9 days of interaction in three phases in 4 a year including a visit to Jodo Gyan learning center (Kendra). The objectives of the program are to provide inputs for supporting mathematics curriculum and pedagogy aspects for educational interventions in primary school mathematics as well as to support them to develop a shared perspective on assessments.
  • With IIMPACT: During this year, Jodo Gyan got involved with impact for curriculum development for primary Mathematics and capacity development of the resource persons. It is happening through workshops with resource persons and field level visits by Jodo Gyan resource groups to the learning centers in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

Children are involved in Maths activities which are meaningful for them – photos sent by the resource persons of the organizations, supported by WIPRO

Foundations and Trusts that supports NGOs in Field level intervention:

Wipro Foundation
American Indian Foundation
Aga Khan Foundation
Rajiv Gandhi Foundation
Plan International

NGOs which are working with Government, Govt. Teachers and children and NGOs which are working in rural communities:

Lok Drishti
Mobile Crèches
Jan Sahas
Navjyoti India Foundation
Bharti Foundation
Cry India
Save the children

Demonstration by a Resource person from an to teachers

Workshop with Anganwadi teachers, Orissa

Interaction with local teachers of Urmul, Rajasthan

2. Other Interventions

Brief narrative of other areas of interventions for developing and implementing early years and primary Mathematics curricular practices which includes working with Anganwadi teachers in collaboration with World Bank, working with NGOs and other resource organisations as well as working with the Private schools across the country.

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