Jodo Blocks (50 pcs)



Developing a sense of numberness, counting and operations of numbers, Searching for patterns in different ways of splitting a number, Addition and subtraction facts, Odd and Even numbers with their properties

• Area, perimeter, volume
• Commutativity, Distributivity
• Understanding squares and cubes geometrically and in terms of numbers.
• Algebraic identities
• Factors, prime numbers, HCF, LCM
• Patterns

Counting and Number Sense
• Recognizing colors
• Classifying on the basis of colors
• Making patterns
• Counting
• One to One correspondence
• Comparing numbers


Snap-on cubes which can be connected on all the six sides. Useful for teaching area, perimeter, multiplication, odd numbers, even numbers, square numbers, cube numbers, algebra etc.
This product is also used in Primary and Middle classes.

For 4 children / age 2-16 years

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