Ganitmala (big) 1000 beads with Maan Cards (3-6 Digits)

Product Description


• Consolidating number sense up to 1000
• Extending notions of factors, common factors, prime numbers etc. for numbers up to 1000.
• Expanded form of numbers (up to 10 lakhs), place value system
• Mental arithmetic


To extend number sense up to 1000. With 1000 small beads in four colors to distinguish between tens and hundreds along with five blank number cards.

This product is also used in Primary classes.

1 per section/ Age 7-12 years


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Ganitmala (big) 1000 beads With Maan Cards (3-6 Digits)
Maan Cards (4 Digit)Maan Cards (6 digits)Maan Cards (3 digits)

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