Decimal Kit


Decimal Kit with Large Cube

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• Introduction of decimals
• Associating decimal fractions with decimals
• Understanding decimal place value
• Adding and subtracting of decimal Numbers


A hands-on kit for children to understand and visualize decimals in relationship with decimal-fractions. Includes games to consolidate the meaning of decimal notation. Also to compare, order, add and subtract decimals. (Contains 1 Large Cube, 20 Plates, 20 Rods, 20 Small Cubes, 3 sets of Cards and 3 Wooden Dice). Appropriate for Mathlabs and class kits (1 kit for 4 children).

This product is also used in Middle classes.

For 4 children/ age 9-13 years

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Weight 275 g
Dimensions 21 × 12 × 15.5 cm