Intensive Programs in Private Schools

Since its establishment, Jodo Gyan has been working for the development of systems that would support teachers to transact classes according to the learning levels of children. In association with the different State Governments, Jodo Gyan is designated as the academic resource agency engaged in orientation, training, workshops, onsite visits for capacity building of teachers and teacher educators. Jodo Gyan has been developing and implementing new curricular practices for improving the quality of mathematical learning of children in the primary classes including the ability to mathematically deal with real life mathematical problems.

Jodo Gyan is responsible for designing and sharing concrete teaching learning materials, curriculum objectives and expected learning levels, assessment tools, annual and quarterly plans, trajectories for the development of specific concepts, work sheets as well as details of activities.

All of our work and efforts are directed towards making mathematics meaningful and enjoyable to children of the primary classes and to empower the teachers.

Jodo Gyan curriculum has been successfully implemented in many progressive private schools across the country. Currently our Jodo Gyan curriculum implementation program is covering more than 6000 students and 400 teachers in 8 schools.

Mathematics Alternative Curriculum Development

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